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Located in Georgetown serving Georgetown, Oakville and Milton and surrounding areas


With Julie it is very easy to let her know your vision, take a step back and relax all the while knowing that the details of your home will be comfortable, functional and beautiful. Her work is creative, innovative and individualized to reflect each client’s personal style. She can take a dull house and turn it into your home and oasis for your family’s needs.
She has a trained eye for understanding how to utilize space to a bring a room to its full potential.
Thank you for all that you do.


My husband and I bought a home that only crazy ppl would buy! It needed so much work, and tlc. Something that my husband and I were overwhelmed with, and didn’t have the vision for.
Lemon Drop Designs took my house, and within a few weeks, completely transformed it. You provided me with a look that I only saw in my dreams. You added a personal touch into each room, as if it were you own. I knew the minute we spoke to you, we were making the right choice.
When I saw the finished product, I fell in love. I thought I was on extreme makeover, home edition!! It almost makes me want to do this over again…just so we can hire Lemon Drop Interior Designs. You made everything so easy, so stress free, and I thank YOU!!!


Hi Julie,
I can’t thank you enough for the incredible work you did to my home!
We moved into a brand new house, with white walls and bland carpet everywhere. Within a couple of weeks, you were able to transform my house to a home.
When Lemon Drop Interior Designs took over, you didn’t leave a square inch untouched. The walls are beautiful and vibrant, my furniture is incredible. The hardwood floors you chose are stunning. LDD chose accents for my home that I didn’t think existed. Every room, every bit of space, has it’s own feel, reflects our family, and we love it!
You have such an amazing talent, and not only that, you listened to our likes and dislikes, saw our family vibe, what was important to us, and took it all in, and created a beautiful home.
I would recommend you to anyone moving into a home, old or new. Thank you so much for allowing me to walk into a model home, which is my families home, every day of my life!


My wife and I have lived in our comfy home for 20+ years, one might say we live conservatively enjoying our static surroundings — we decided it was time for change, time to transform, freshen up our home. We approached Lemon Drop, met with Julie who asked us practical questions and provided input regarding colour combinations, possible construction and space layout options. Working through Julie we have since renovated our living room, dining room, home office and lower level bathroom.
The transformation of our home looks sensational and addresses our practical needs creating an atmosphere that is uniquely ours. We were able to achieve what we wanted considering our shoe-string budget. Throughout the project Julie displayed a hands on and flexible approach.
Julie is a woman with a genuine passion for design, highly organized excellent listener with an eye for detail. She can observe a room and with her creativity transition it towards a beautiful space. We trust Lemon Drop completely, Julie continues to assist us …we are now focusing on kitchen renovations.


She transformed my living room into a warm, comfortable and inviting space that my family and I can’t get enough of. With our personalities and taste in mind, Julie created a timeless masterpiece that continues to receive many compliments! Her creativity with colors, fabrics and furniture is truly impressive.
From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank you Julie!
We can’t wait to work with you again very soon!

Christine and Matt

I contacted lemon drop Interior designs with a sincere cry for help, my kitchen has been sitting idle for 3 years I knew I needed to do a complete overhaul on it but I just couldn’t commit to a design or colour scheme.
So I realized I needed to contact a designer to help me get this project started, Julie made the decision making process so easy. Her knowledge of interior design was second to none, she provided me with design options, layouts and her expert option and the fear was gone. I knew by her portfolio she knew what she was doing and I trusted her intuition fully.
Julie provided me with the kitchen of my dreams; it matched my style perfectly and fit in to the rest of the house seamlessly. I would recommend Julie to anyone looking to renovate, she took my ideas and suggestions and incorporated them in the design in a way that worked. Without her I would still be cooking in that pitiful space and now I am surrounded by an extraordinary kitchen that I feel is truly custom made for me,
If you need a fresh new space Julie is the women for you. You’ll love the results so much you’ll find fault in your other rooms and you’ll want her to redesign them all for you, she working on my ensuite now it’s beginning to look like a space I’ll never want to leave!!!