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Milton Interior Designers
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Lemon Drop Interior Design & Renovations understands the importance of having a well thought out interior design plan when it comes to your Milton home or enterprise. Did you know that having a specific style scheme can make a world of a difference when it comes to your environment? The right décor, colors and furniture will transform a small, claustrophobic space into a chic and cozy nook; or an unfriendly cold office into an avant-garde motivational atmosphere.

Certain shades of color will not only pull a room together but create a sense of well-being. The proper decorations and design will improve your overall lifestyle and the happiness of your family and business associates.

Inspirational and Unique Looks for Your Residential Space

Our professional design team has implemented unique and fresh design ideas for many residential interiors in Milton over the years. In the process we have uncovered the hidden potential for fabulous style within each space we redesign.

In other words, we can work with just about anything! That’s right, no room is too big or too small for Lemon Drop Interior Design & Renovations. The majority of people often misunderstand the space they live or work in. Commonly assuming that tiny places are impossible to decorate because of the lack space. Beautiful interior décor has nothing to do with the size of a home or office. You need to work with what you already have. There are great elements or items that can inspire the look of entire homes.

Certified and Licensed Professional

Lemon Drop Interior Design & Renovations Services. Discover Your Design Options.

The smallest things can make a real difference when it comes to Interior designing and we have the experience and work ethic that’ll have your place revamped in no time at all! The Lemon Drop Interior Design & Renovations full service design approach includes:

  • In home consults
  • Paint colour consults
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Crown & Trim Work
  • Reupholstery
  • Concept design and development
  • Space planning
  • Interior materials finishing’s
  • Color selection and coordination
  • Art selection
  • Area rugs
  • Lighting
  • Furniture layout
  • Drapery design and window treatments
  • Furniture selection and design
  • Closet and cabinetry design and millwork
  • 3D renderings for kitchens
  • Presentations of inspirational ideas
  • Product sourcing and procurement
  • Décor Accessories
  • Complete design project management
  • Full residential design

If you are a home owner in Milton, or a contractor, realtor or brand manager looking to revamp or completely makeover the interior design of any property, Lemon Drop Interior Design & Renovations provides the professional guidance and expertise , along with direct access to the best suppliers and related professionals, that always saves time and money for any interior design project. Call to discuss the wide range of options available that suit your style needs and budget, ranging from traditional, to contemporary and everything in between.

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Lemon Drop Interior Design & Renovations takes great pride in delivering quality design work and has established many long term client relationships. We offer understated design elegance, simplicity and quality to support a distinct and comfortable lifestyle or brand image and maintain a constant commitment to offering the highest level of service for interior design in Milton.

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