Georgetown Interior Designers
Georgetown Interior Designers
Georgetown Interior Designers
Georgetown Interior Designers

Located in Georgetown serving Georgetown, Oakville and Milton and surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have long term decorating plans but don’t have all the money right now. Can you still help?

A: When you are decorating your home we recognize that many projects need to be planned out in terms of affordability and convenience. Since we are a small company dedicated to our customers, we can devise a long term decorating plan that will keep your initial costs low while still accomplishing your goals today. With our planning, we can help you avoid the add-on look of a poorly designed piecemeal project. Visit our Design Gallery for a sneak preview of our beautiful interiors.

Q: How can an interior designer benefit me?

A: An interior designer can help you in many ways. Avoiding costly mistakes is just one of them. The benefit to the client using an interior designer’s services as opposed to a contractor or architect is that an interior designer starts the design with how the people who live in the space use it to create a space fit them. It should be both beautiful and functional to be a true success.

Q: Can I really afford to hire an interior designer?

A: Lemon Drop Interior Design makes hiring the design help you need affordable in two ways; Since we're a small and efficient company focusing in on Halton Hills we can offer hands-on service at reasonable rates compared to large organizations with high overhead. Secondly, Lemon Drop Interior Design does not mark up the cost of contractor labor, furniture or fixtures! Our clients pay only for our design time and work product; tools that you can use to continue your design efforts.

Q: How do I start the process of contacting you for an in-home consultation?

A: Just call or email us today. Click on our Contact Us page for more information. We guarantee a quick response and look forward to working with you.

Q: Why should I choose Lemon drop Interior Design?

A: As I am sure most of us would agree we have all had past dealings with business that don’t own up to what they say. You may be tired of poor communication and lack of professionalism from people you have hired to do a job. Interior design is largely a referral business. Accordingly, we regard our customers’ satisfaction in the highest regard. Treating each customer as though they are our only customer giving them our 100% attention, focus and top notch service.
We treat the client’s money as if it were our own to help them get the most out of their dollar. You won’t be disappointed!