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Milton Interior Designers
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Located in Georgetown serving Georgetown, Oakville and Milton and surrounding areas

About Lemon Drop
Interior Design

Welcome to my website! My name is Julie Dulyea and I am the creator of Lemon Drop Interior Designs. I’m a creative person with the talent and ability to design and decorate homes. I have a very keen eye to detail and an incredible vision of what a room can become. For me, interior design isn’t about putting some paint on a wall and placing some furniture where it works… it’s much more than that. It’s about taking a room and embracing it through my creativity.

Taking a blank canvas and transforming it into a room that you can’t wait to come home to at the end of a long day, a little nook to read that special book, a place to gather with family & friends or a kitchen to make that homemade casserole. Your home is a place you want to feel comfortable in, a place that welcomes others you care about. I love it when a room almost reaches out and give you a hug when you enter it. The room itself lets you know you’ve arrived and your welcome. Its taking a house and making it your haven. I believe that my design has a little flavour all of its own and you’ll see this expressed here in my Design Gallery.

Interior Design has always been a strong passion of mine but over the past few years has grown even stronger. My family and I have moved several times within Georgetown and also to a few other cities. What we learned in the end is that Georgetown is definitely where we call “home”! It gives us that small town feeling within a community that really cares for one another. Having finally placed our roots in our current home I can tell you it truly feels wonderful. Through all of our homes that my family and I have shared, I’ve placed great love and passion into each of them. Every house has become a new palette for me to test my creative genies and express myself in all rooms of our home. I’ve shared much joy in decorating many client’s homes and even business’.

I am a genuine person with a vibe for what works and what doesn’t I can’t share with you enough the feeling I get after completing a project and thinking “Wow this is a room anyone would be happy to call theirs.”

Many friends and family members say this is my ”calling”. What I was born to do! Many of our homes have been referred to as “Better Home and Garden” houses. I would welcome the opportunity to come into your home and make it a place that you’ll love as much as I love my home!

As a freelance interior designer I want to take this moment to thank every single person who has visited my web site, handed out my business card, shouted my number out to a friend or neighbor because all of this makes my business thrive. Thank you for your referrals, your compliments and your support. I truly appreciate everyone that has helped me along this venture or as many say “my calling”!

How We Work

Let’s get together…

We need to meet so we can get started on creating what you’ve been dreaming about! A place you’ll love!! You can let me know your thoughts and ideas for the room or areas you want to redesign. We can discuss colours, textures, furniture, lighting basically the overall style and feel you want for your home. We will find inspiration…a jumping off point.

Inspiration meet Real Life!!

Now its time for you to sit back and take a look at what I’ll suggest to you. Let me know what options you like the best. This is where we turn inspiration into a true creation made uniquely just for you!

The Moment!!

I’ll unveil your new room to you! You’ll take a deep breathe, exhale and say “It feels good to be home.” I promise!

I’ll Change Your Home Forever!

What Distinguishes Me from the Competition?

I would say that it’s my very genuine personality, honest communication about issues that arise so they can be resolved before they become a problem, attention to detail, personalization of the space to meet the client’s lifestyle and personal wants/needs; creative use of materials (great look for lower cost).

I treat the client’s money as if it were my own to help them get the most out of their dollar. You won’t be disappointed!